Video Portfolio Added to my Website! (Finally)

Finally! I have successfully added a video portfolio page to my website. This last year has been nuts! I started shooting video in January and it completely took over my business and allowed me to quit my day job. I've done a wide variety of video projects like music videos, promotional videos, short documentaries, commercials and behind the scenes. I am still trying to find what I love the most but right now, I just enjoy making them. I'm not sure where it will go. I'm not fixed on one path. All I know is want to create things whether that's photos, videos or something completely different.

So take a look at the "video" page and let me know what you think. My goal is to have a site that is entertaining as well as motivating. I try to provide quality content on the blog and now have 20 videos for you to scroll through which I will try and keep fresh and updated.

Lastly, this is all part of a new tagline I want to use "stories through stills and motion". So, as of now, my photo page says "photo" and video page "video". I'd like to use "stills" and "motion" but don't want people to get confused. Do you think "stills" for a photo page and "motion" for a video page is easy enough to understand? Your feedback would really be helpful here! You get to decide here so please let me know what you think!