Video: BTS Painting the Walls White at Studio ONE.

Happy new year! I hope everybody had an amazing 2010 and plan on making 2011 even more amazing. I guess I've never really made any formal resolutions but I know this year I have big plans. One of the many will be getting my video game up to par. I have three short films in the works and a couple of music videos to follow. I really love the merging of video with DSLR's. There is something about a movie that has the ability to really move me. I have always been really connected to music and I think with the addition of the right song behind some footage, magic happens. When I'm listening to music, I see clips in my head. I get ideas. This is the year I record them and show them to the world.

The last few weeks have been amazing with the acquisition of Studio ONE. We have been putting a lot of hours in to getting this space all bedazzled and ready for business. Last week, we painted the walls white. It sounds a hell of a lot easier than it was. We had to tape off, prime and then paint. It took us two 4 hour nights to get it done and I can't thank my brother David enough for bringing his skills and tools down to help.

Without further babbling, here is a behind the scenes look at Painting the Walls White at Studio ONE.