Video: BTS at Studio ONE Backdrop System.

Things are starting to roll down at Studio ONE as we approach the new year. I'm taking full advantage of my brother's carpentry skills and the tools that come with his service. He came down on Monday night and we we're able to hang up our backdrop mounts for our seamless. We rolled with the affordable Cowboy Studio option which seems to be a good deal for only $70. Check it out here. It allows us to keep three different rolls of paper on at the same time which is pretty sweet. No more setting up the annoying backdrop stand! With Chris being gone during the holiday, I had to work my own little video magic with my new 5D MK2. I shot some video of us getting this Cowboy Studio piece mounted and put it all together in Final Cut Pro. It was a daunting task but I was able to get it shot, edited and uploaded in less than 24 hours! Without further rambling, here's how it went down!

We got the whole place primed for the final coat of paint which will hopefully go on tonight. I got some video coming from that whole process as well. Stay tuned!