Travels - Lake Chelan

Last weekend I journeyed over to Lake Chelan to shoot a friend's wedding. This was a quite the experience. Super stressful and I couldn't believe how many shots I took! I shot over a thousand and sent them 539 to choose from. They narrowed it down to 84 so now I gotta get cracking on the edit show. It's gonna be pretty time consuming but I was stoked to be there and help these guys out. It was a beautiful wedding and I was also able to shake a leg and journey to some scenic spots when it was done. I will be posting some of my faves from the wedding sometime next week. On Sunday, I headed over to the Apple Cup to meet some friends for much needed Bloody Marys and breakfast. If you are ever in Chelan, make sure to stop here for breakfast. It's a must. After my hangover was cured I decided I wasn't ready to just head home yet. I was in Chelan and it was gorgeous! So, all of us went our separate ways and I chose to head up to Echo Ridge. I had done a little mountain biking here a few years back but we were pretty disappointed with the terrain since it was mainly cross country skiing trails for the winter months. We did end up having a great time but it took some creativity and a good attitude. Anyways, this time I was back and I wasn't on a bike. I had a pair of boots in the car to my surprise so I laced them up and hit the trail with my camera on my back. It didn't take long to reach incredible views. I just got a new tripod and ball head so I was anxious to try out some panorama shots. Here are a couple I snapped along the "Nowhere to Hide" trail. Make sure to click the photo to view larger.

The mountain views were incredible! I felt so far from home and forgot how beautiful this side of the mountains can be. I also managed to get a shot of myself on top of the world. I played around with the curves and colors a bit for a dated look. What do you think?

I had a great 4 mile hike and really enjoyed myself. It was so quiet and peaceful. I made it back to the car and figured it was time to get on the road. I topped off the tank and headed west. I wasn't in a rush to get home so I planned on stopping off somewhere on the way back. I ended up choosing Deception Falls. The park was closed so I just parked on the street and headed down. I snapped a couple of shots of the Tye River and hit the road. These didn't really come out how I wanted since I just missed the sun. I was hoping for some sun to be shining though the trees and create some warmth but I was too late. There's always next time.