Third Time's a Charm.

Well, I finally completed the Seattle to Portland ride with no loss of voice or injuries. I put a lot of effort into this year's ride and it all paid off. Every hill and section I remember that hurt me last year was eaten up with gritting teeth and a screaming heart rate. I felt like an animal on some of the ride. It was payback for the last two years. What a blast! It was my Brother's first year and my Dad's second and they both killed it. One of my favorite parts of the STP is the night we spend in Portland and the following day we go on a stroll through the lovely neighborhoods. We started the night off with some drinks on the patio at the Dougfir where we were obliged with some live acoustic tunes by The Dimes. We sipped margaritas and soaked in the PDX sunshine. Then, we went inside and hooked up a big ol' meal to gain back some of the calories lost in the 15 hours we spent on the bike. We topped the night off with a trip downtown to the Portland City Grill. This was a gem sought out by Priya during her last visit. You sit 35 stories up with an expansive view of the whole city accompanied by some delicious happy hour (served all night on Sundays) and creative cocktails.

The next day we traveled over to the Hawthorne District and visited the old Bagdad Theater where you can sip fresh squeezed screwdrivers and people watch on the Ave. We poked in and out of some little quaint shops and enjoyed some of the local arts and crafts these spaces had. We then ventured over to our favorite little pocket in Portland, the Northwest Neighborhood. We ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, Cha on 21st and NW Everett St. We shopped around for the day and finally got heading home around 6pm. However, the trip wasn't quite over yet... We had to stop at one of the last Chevy's left in the state. It's the famous (to us) fresh mex where you will not find any cans in the kitchen and the tortillas are made fresh on "El Machino". We overate and made the last leg of the drive home really uncomfortable but well worth it.

All in all a great weekend with beautiful weather and wonderful riding. I decided to bring my little compact Olympus instead of lugging around my SLR and I really enjoyed shooting with it. It was so quick and easy to compose shots and it has enough controls to create the looks I wanted. Here are the shots I took from the stroll through the city on our last day. I hope you enjoy.

Priya getting all dolled up for the day.

A shot I took of us with me outside of the room and Priya on the inside. I love this one.

Priya May outside of the Bagdad Theater.

Awaiting our fresh squeezed screwdrivers on the Hawthorne strip.

The markets were so rad in all the neighborhoods.

Dad enjoying his Tequila Flight on the patio at Cha.

Cha crossroads.

A rad little apartment building in the NW. I just loved the light here.

My favorite shot from the trip. I love the shine, the colors, the background and the vintage ride. This one will be printed up and hanging on our wall soon.