The Nu Era is Now.

-Nu Era backstage

I had the pleasure of going out and shooting for fun the other night. It was so nice to be able to just shoot for myself and have the chance to mingle with friends. My dudes Nu Era had invited me out to their show at the High Dive and along with them were performing Dice, Havi Blaze, Kung Fu Grip and Feezable the Germ.

-Nu Era


-Havi Blaze

-Kung Fu Grip

-Feezable the Germ

I was blown away by Nu Era's performance! You could tell they rehearsed and truly put in all their efforts. Once I saw them in a huddle before stepping on stage, I knew I was in for a good show.

They possessed a Tribe Called Quest like back and forth energy. Another highlight was Andy drumming beats live on the MPC while the other two busted freestyles.

The crowd was very involved and the night was topped off with the whole set of artists on stage freestyling over another rhythm provided by Andy and his drum machine. It brought me back to the shows I used to go to when I was first getting into hip hop. At every show, all the performers from the night came on stage and ended the night with freestyling. It was always such a good way to end the show and it was a true treat to get the same experience last Thursday.

As of now, Nu Era doesn't have a link to any music up yet but you can check out for some of 5 Flat's stuff and head over to to check out some of Andy and Zac's music as the "Hushd Puppies".


Here are a few more shots from the night.