Scribes | Pass You By | Music Video

A while back my buddy Scribes asked me to shoot some behind the scenes footage for a music video being directed by Jon Jon. They were working on several different concepts and ended up really featuring Scribes' unknown skills in the boxing gym. I had the opportunity to help shoot some of the music video as well and I'm really happy with how the shots look. Jon did a great job editing the whole project and making Scribes look like a young Balboa. We had a great boxing gym to work out of which had tons of character and all the tools necessary for a great video. I still need to get Scribes to teach me how to do the crossover with the jumprope. He's got it down!

What do you think about the video? If you like it, share it with the world. If you think we could've done better, let us know in the comment box below!

Going Going Back Back to the Future Future.

That's right folks, we traveled back in time for this one. I've been working with OL' Small for over a year now and this marks our third project together. When we first met up he showed me this song and referred to it as "his baby". Well "his baby" is finally growing up! Here's a quick teaser of what's soon to come. Official Back the the Future music video dropping in October! How do you like these teasers? Are they too short? Too long? Just right?

How I Made This Music Video

What goes into a music video? Is there a story? Where do you shoot it? What does it need to look like? How many people will be involved? Is the song completely done? These are some of the first questions I ask during my first meeting with a musician client looking for a video. Find out the whole story of how I shot my most recent music video on the blog now.

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