Bloomsday 2010

A couple of weeks ago my family all went over to Spokane to run the annual Bloomsday Run. The weather turned out great for the run. I was 4 minutes slower than last year coming in at 1:09 for a big 7.5 miles. I had a great run and snagged some new earbud deals which are awesome and never fell out once. If you are an active guy/adventure dude, then you need to pick these "Yurbuds" up. They are worth the $20/$30 which custom fit to your lobes.

Here are some shots from the trip.

The post run cattle herd.

The finish line bridge.

Priya and Liz post run.

I just had to take this one.

Double rainbow action at my brother's house.

Little boxes, little boxes...

A windy ass view point in Vantage.