Spring Fest at Stevens Pass

Well, today brought the year to an end up at Stevens Pass. The season always seems to sneak up and leave before I get enough riding in. Opening weekend was epic with several feet of fresh powder. Closing weekend was equally epic with 60+ degree weather and lots of festivities to throw a couple beers back to.

My friend Mike had never been to any ski resort so I felt like today would be a great day to break him in. He swooped me up early this morning to ensure a parking spot and we spent the day shooting photos and... drinking now that I think about it. Here's a shot of Mike with his fresh new shades and hat that he scored from the shop at over half off!

I took a few groomers and then locked up the board for the day. The first stop was the dummy run. We trekked up Big Chief a bit to snag a good spot for some photos of the creations being sent off the big kicker. Here is Marvin the Martian before his flight.

Here is Marvin in mid flight soaring off the jump and landing on both skis finishing the run!

There were all sorts of characters out today. Babes in bikinis, dudes in jeans and shirtless and of course there was good ol' Uncle Sam getting his final runs in for the year.

Stevens Pass was running a photo contest for the month of April. The rules are you have to take a picture of someone jumping over something at Stevens Pass. I had planned to go up and shoot my buddy Nick but he was kept up all night by a bachelor party. Plan B entailed shooting my friend Taylor and his posse but he never called me back. So, I was left with my buddy Mike (who if you remember has never been to a resort let alone stepped foot on a board) and no ideas. We finished up our beers and headed back to his truck to brainstorm. I came up with the idea of Mike jumping over a snowman doing some spring time chillin'. I ended up naming the shot "Hopping into Spring". It definitely stands out from the rest of the contestants but I'm not sure if the lack of ski device will get me DQ'd. Here's the shot.

We checked the time and decided it was time to hit the road.

We had the windows down almost the whole way home! It was like 72 degrees. It was sad to leave all the snow behind but it's sure nice to feel some of that bright sun on the grill.

I've had this hat for as long as I can remember. Until next season my friend.

Video: Sep-a-ra-tion

About a month ago my buddy Taylor and I went up to Stevens Pass to shoot some park photography. We got up there and it was super hard and crazy fast. After one run, we went back to the car to grab our helmets. After 3 runs, Taylor decided it was time to hit the park. After that run, we had to go the medic followed by the ER because Taylor separated his shoulder going off some super jump in the snowboard park. Here is the footage documenting that day. Unfortunately there is not a single snowboarding scene in this but it is pretty entertaining none the less.