Behind the Scenes with Dice

So I'm sure all of you have seen the photos I took of Seattle's own Lauren Hill, Dice. If not, you can check em' out here. It was a huge shoot for me for several reasons. One, it was the first woman I professionally shot and two, she was the first client of mine who had a bunch of ideas and put in a ton of effort to really create something great. Here is the video that I had her friends Brandon and Blaine shoot while I was shooting. Edited by the great Chris Wojcik who is also the newest (and only) member of team Mike Folden Photography. He is one of the videographers for REI, so Chris has a lot of knowledge to drop on me. We have some really cool ideas so you will be seeing some really sweet videos in the coming months. Here is an awesome video Chris made entirely on his iPhone, including the song he wrote and recorded into his phone (unfortunately you have to log into Facebook to check out the video). Chris is the dude.

Anyways, check out the behind the scenes video we put together and let me know what you think. Is it too long? Is it too much of me talking? What do you guys want to see? Let me know. I depend on the feedback so please don't hold back!

I really learned a lot at this shoot. I feel like my whole game got upgraded and I approach each shoot with a whole new mind state. Thank you Dice for being such a sport and opening my eyes up to a whole new approach.

In addition to the photos, I was honored to do the design work for Dice's debut album "The Foundation". Here are a couple of shots of the what the album looks like.

In case you missed the link at the top, click here to check out Dice's music. If you're a tweeter, you can follow her every move at

Next stop, Chelan to shoot my first wedding!