The Beginning Wrap Up.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported me at my art show last month. It was a great turn out and I sold way more than I was expecting. It also helped me realize that people want to buy my prints and I need to step that side of my business up! If you didn't get a chance to make it out, here is a video of the space and set up.

I had my buddy Dan Miller (who lacks a good link so you have to friend him on Facebook) photograph the event so I wouldn't have to worry about lugging around my camera for the evening. Thanks to Dan for the great shots! Here is a slideshow of what Dan saw through his lens.

Lastly, I wanted to give the freedom of photography to all my supporters who came out that night. I did this by putting disposable cameras down titled "Pick me up, snap a pic, put me down." Here is a slideshow of what you guys shot that evening. Awesome job by the way!

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to show me love that night. It was truly amazing and has really kicked my year off to a great start. You guys are awesome!

I have a new partner in crime.

reigncityblog So before I left for the East Coast I contacted Obese Productions about a possible business relationship. Basically, my "live show" portfolio is lacking. It's the part of my business that I receive the least amount of work in. However, it's the part of my business that I find the funnest. I get to get into a show for free, watch musicians I like, have some drinks, chat with some friends and capture the candidness that takes place on the stage. I needed to find a way to get this part of my business active again.

I contacted Meli of Obese Productions. We sat down at the Nectar. She terribly poured me a beer. Luckily, when I needed a refill, Shaina came to the rescue. We chatted about what we were both looking for and came to this conclusion. I work for free for as a show photographer. In return, I give them dope shots to use for promo on the website. gets around 8,000 clicks a day locally. I think is up to 6 on a good week. All my photos on will be linked to my website and I will have a little link on the contact page. This will hopefully boost my views and get me some more business. If anything, I will get to have a blast shooting shows and build a killer portfolio.

Some of you might not know what is so let me educate you. is an online calendar for all things hip/urban such as music, art and culture for the greater Seattle area. Anyone can submit an event to the site to be added to the calendar. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend and you don't want to scroll through all the different websites, drop by and check out the happenings.

My first gig is April 26th at the Nectar. I'm shooting The Chicharones. For those of you who don't know them, the band consist of Sleep and Josh Martinez from Old Dominion. These dudes are hilarious on stage and keep the party rolling with jigs, great wordplay and raspy bellows. I highly recommend you come out and celebrate the good times.