Head shots: Eva Wilson

Last month I went to a little business expo down in Renton. I met Eva after parking along my way in. We chatted a bit and she actually followed up with me a few days later. We met up and chatted about what I do/she does and set up a little head shot session. Eva's working on a website and once it's up, I will send out a link in case you're looking for a book keeper extraordinaire! Here are a few of my faves from the session. Also, if you need any professional head shots or some goofy pics for social networking, drop me a line.

Greetings: Britta Folden

I present to you the first of an ongoing series I will be posting on my blog, "Greetings". Greetings is a way for me to connect you with local businesses, artists and just plain people you should know. So, all my readers out there (Dad, Mom and cats...) say "Greetings" to Britta Folden.

Britta is my recently discovered cousin. I didn't grow up with her and only met her for the first time last fall. Since our first meeting, we quickly realized we have a lot in common. We both like good music (in our opinion), we both like design, photography, Ballard and good beer. We are also both small business owners. Britta is the owner of Queen B Quilts where her specialty is custom quilts made out of old/new t-shirts.

How can she be of use to you? She can take your t shirts that you earned from running all those 5k runs in the past and make them into a quilt of accomplishments. You know they just sit in the closet awaiting the light of day. She can take all your son's/daughter's t shirts from high school and turn them into a Mom/Dad's comfort blanket while they're away at college. She can do much more and I urge you to check out her website and see what she has to offer. Keep in mind, the holidays are just around the corner and custom presents are way cooler than gift cards!

Britta can be contacted at www.myqueenbquilts.com. Make sure to mention you heard about her work from me. It helps her know where she's getting her business from. You can also "like" her Facebook fan page here.

Last month I helped Britta out with some marketing by taking some photos of her and some of her friends enjoying the lovely quilt life. Here is what we turned out from the day.

Meet Dan.

Meet Dan Miller. Dan likes UFC, androids and photography. Dan is a creative dude. Dan helps me on photo shoots. Dan is a good guy to have on your side when walking down a dark alley. Dan is my friend.

While we were out scouting a job we're shooting in June, we ended up taking a couple of quick shots on the grounds. This was totally Dan's idea. I just shot it. I think it turned out pretty rad. I did some minor tweaking in Photoshop but the overall greatness was the idea which is completely owned by Dan Miller. Check out Dan's website here, and his photo blog here.

Spring Special - $100 Photo Shoot!

With Spring less than 20 days away, I have decided to jump the gun and offer a month long Spring special. $100 gets you 5 edited photos of your choice from a two hour shoot. This is to keep me busy shooting and offer a great deal to seniors, couples, musicians, families and professionals.

If you or someone you know may be interested, just shoot me an email at mike.a.folden@gmail.com and we'll set something up!

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