Proof of Life Reunion!

*Left to right: Andrew, Me and Mike.

Wow. The holidays have been a non stop party for the last two weeks. Eating, drinking, drinking, eating more eating and more drinking. I'm pooped!

However, this season has been one where I was able to spend some quality time with friends and family I rarely see. Last night, my life-long friends Andrew and Mike came over. For those of you who don't know these gents, Andrew is the dude I started making music with 7 years ago. Now, he is a professional engineer based out of LA and works on some of the top hits you hear on the radio. Mike, is a writer and Bar Manager at Greenlake Bar & Grill and a really close friend who lives too close for how little we see each other. Put us three together and you get "Proof of Life". We were a local hip hop trio that used to pack the basement of Temple Billiards. We had a blast making music back in those days. It's been 2 years since we've pissed off my neighbors together for partying too loud. Sorry Erin aka #4, but it was all worth it. We talked, listened to a ton of music, caught up, drank a lot of beer, ordered pizza at 3am and had great time doing it. I probably won't see Andrew for another year which was my main inspiration for taking the above photo. Thanks for a great time brothers. It was a much needed night and one that won't be forgotten.