March 2010 - Photo of the Month

Spring is in the air. Well, not so much this week like the last but it is officially here. The mountains have been getting pounded with snow the last few days which seems to be a spring time ritual here in the North West. I'm hoping to close out the year tomorrow and take advantage of some of the fresh fallen snow.

All snow aside, Priya and I just returned from a trip to the beautiful San Juan Islands. We stayed at a friends place in Friday Harbor and really enjoyed the dining, drinking, exploring and relaxing. Here are a few places that are worth checking out if you make it to the island. Downriggers is a great spot for delicious food and drinks with a brilliant view. Blue Water is a great casual spot for drinks and specials. Mt Young is a scenic hike with moderate effort to get to the top. Panoramic views of the islands, mountains and sea greet you as you approach the "summit". Which brings us to the Photo of the Month.

This was taken at the top of Mt Young looking west. The sun was just hovering above this lonely tree atop the rock and moss which makes up Mt Young. Something about this photo is majestic to me. It was just so perfect. It was like it was waiting for me at the top of the climb. I love the simplicity of the tree and the complexity of the layers of islands and sky. It was really a beautiful moment snapping this shot. Also, it really helped strengthen my recent discovery of harnessing the great feelings you have when you are enjoying something. I have been really trying to consciously feel the positive energy when accomplishing something. Whether it's a run, a bike ride, a climb, a meal, a laugh or editing a photo, I have been working on bottling up the feeling and storing it for a rainy day. Nothing great comes easy. When you reach the greatness, the hard work is almost always worth it. This is my way of not giving up and knowing the feeling will be unmatched by any other which really helps ease the pain of the journey. You can apply this to almost anything. (Mike tips back in his chair and strokes his goatee.)

I have a ton of shots I am working on which will be up with in a week or so. Which is a great door to my last point. My print shop is finally up and running!!! You no longer have to deal with me if you want prints. Just click on "prints" on my website and you will be directed to my SmugMug page which will have all my available prints in several different sizes for ordering. As of now, I only have the photos which are hanging at Greenlake Bar & Grill available for ordering but I will be adding more this week. Stop by and let me know what you think. It's all for you guys so your feedback is important. Is it easy to order from? Is it easy to navigate? Could it be better? Any comments are much appreciated.

Until next time!