April 2009 "Photo of the Month"

maxfinals-003 This past month has been crazy! Business really picked up for me this month which has kept me super busy. One of the projects I have been working on is hanging my photography in Greenlake Bar & Grill. I have never done a project where I have a checklist of things to shoot all planned out ahead of time. I am more used to just going out and letting the creative juices flow.

We were struggling with what to put over the baby changing station in the women's bathroom. We finally decided on a picture of a baby in a diaper. Well, my boss John Schmidt is always up for using his kids for marketing against their will, so to the Schmidt house I went! It was quite entertaining shooting his kids (that sounds bad...) The star of this shot "Max", really loved this orange soccer ball! So, using my 50mm 1.4 manual lens I was able to capture a soft look of him running after his ball. This lens continues to impress me. It's really hard to use because it's completely manual and the camera doesn't recognize it at all. However, I always learn a lot while using this lens and it continues to hold the title for the best $50 I have ever spent on Craigslist.

Lens - Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Shutter Speed - 1/160 ISO - 800 Edited in Photoshop CS3