June 2009 "Photo of the Month"

anybodythere Oh technology. How you change the world and the way we view it. Not too long ago, collect calls and quarters were our tickets to communication.  After I got out of high school, things really took off in the tech world though. Cell phones developed fast and became a must have and standard for everybody young and old.

When I got my first cell phone, the only entertainment it provided was the game "Snake", which would entertain a room full of friends for hours. 7 years later and I have a phone that can find me cabs, locate happy hour based on my location, take photos and count my daily caloric intake.

Every month I select a photo that I have taken which isn't always my favorite or best photo, but one that suits the overall feel of the month. This month I decided to push the boundaries a little bit. This month's photo was taken with my phone! All the editing was done in my phone with a program called "Picsay Pro". Everyday I take at least one photo on my phone. Lately, I have been inspired by local photographer Chase Jarvis who has mastered the "iphone photo". It's a whole different type of photography. It's not about camera settings or big lights. It's all about composition and more importantly, the moment. It's just so easy to whip out your phone at any given moment and capture a situation.

Social media sites like Facebook have also helped me share my mobile phone pics with the world. When I'm out on vacation or just having some drinks with friends I can snap a photo, upload it to Facebook and all my friends can see the delicious margarita I'm sipping on.

Phones have developed such great features. I have the T Mobile G1 also known as the "Google Phone". This features a 3.2 megapixel camera! That's the same amount of megapixels my first digital camera had!

Anyways, this photo of the month was taken on Capitol hill on 11th Ave just north of Pike St. This grimey phone booth once had a line up of people waiting to drop change in it in exchange for some airtime to call home. Now, it's just an empty booth and great subject matter for a photo. A photo taken by a phone of a phone that's no longer there.

Below is a slideshow of some of my favorite mobile phone photos I have snapped over the last month or so. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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May 2009 "Photo of the Month"

edmonds-001 This month was spent transitioning into a new job location, traveling down to Portland to catch the Avett Bros, heading out to Spokane for the Bloomsday run and tuning my bikes up for the season.  I really didin't have the time this month to shoot much photography.

I went out on Friday to shoot the Ballard Locks with my brother but I really felt like I was forcing the Photo of the Month. Then on the last day of the month I got a call from my friend Darien Chin. Darien is a really unique and fresh local photographer. His images really stand out from the rest. I have been trying to link up with him for a while in hopes to learn a few things about photography and see what he's all about.

We headed down to Edmonds to shoot the sunset. We hit a few bumps in the road trying to find parking but we got set up just before the sun was setting. Darien practices a style of photography where you take multiple exposures and blend them together in post processing. This enables all the different elements in a photo to be perfectly exposed. This was the first time trying this for me so I felt a little overwhelmed with the sun going down quickly. After reviewing my shots this morning I was sure that the Photo of the Month had been captured.

Here is another photo I edited from the same night. It was hard to chose which one to use for Photo of the Month. What are your thoughts?

Lens - 18-55mm Nikon Af-S

Aperture - f/18

Shutter Speed - 22 and 30 seconds

ISO - 100

Tian Yi Graduated Polarized Filter

Edited in Photoshop CS3

April 2009 "Photo of the Month"

maxfinals-003 This past month has been crazy! Business really picked up for me this month which has kept me super busy. One of the projects I have been working on is hanging my photography in Greenlake Bar & Grill. I have never done a project where I have a checklist of things to shoot all planned out ahead of time. I am more used to just going out and letting the creative juices flow.

We were struggling with what to put over the baby changing station in the women's bathroom. We finally decided on a picture of a baby in a diaper. Well, my boss John Schmidt is always up for using his kids for marketing against their will, so to the Schmidt house I went! It was quite entertaining shooting his kids (that sounds bad...) The star of this shot "Max", really loved this orange soccer ball! So, using my 50mm 1.4 manual lens I was able to capture a soft look of him running after his ball. This lens continues to impress me. It's really hard to use because it's completely manual and the camera doesn't recognize it at all. However, I always learn a lot while using this lens and it continues to hold the title for the best $50 I have ever spent on Craigslist.

Lens - Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Shutter Speed - 1/160 ISO - 800 Edited in Photoshop CS3

Rippin it...

ripyntfinals-024 I got the chance to work with local emcee Ripynt this past week. I must say, he was probably the funnest musician I have worked with so far. You musicians need to step your social game up and have some fun on these photo shoots!

Ripynt just released his sophmore album Reinventing Poetics which has recieved some pretty solid reviews locally. I had the chance to listen to the album while editing the photos and it will spend some time on the ipod for sure.

Below is a slide show of the shoot. Click the 4 arrows at the bottom right to view in full screen.

You can check out Rypints tunes at www.myspace.com/ripynt

He's also looking for stalkers at twitter.com/ripynt

I have a new partner in crime.

reigncityblog So before I left for the East Coast I contacted Obese Productions about a possible business relationship. Basically, my "live show" portfolio is lacking. It's the part of my business that I receive the least amount of work in. However, it's the part of my business that I find the funnest. I get to get into a show for free, watch musicians I like, have some drinks, chat with some friends and capture the candidness that takes place on the stage. I needed to find a way to get this part of my business active again.

I contacted Meli of Obese Productions. We sat down at the Nectar. She terribly poured me a beer. Luckily, when I needed a refill, Shaina came to the rescue. We chatted about what we were both looking for and came to this conclusion. I work for free for reigncity.com as a show photographer. In return, I give them dope shots to use for promo on the website.

Reigncity.com gets around 8,000 clicks a day locally. I think joephotoanddesign.com is up to 6 on a good week. All my photos on reigncity.com will be linked to my website and I will have a little link on the contact page. This will hopefully boost my views and get me some more business. If anything, I will get to have a blast shooting shows and build a killer portfolio.

Some of you might not know what reigncity.com is so let me educate you. Reigncity.com is an online calendar for all things hip/urban such as music, art and culture for the greater Seattle area. Anyone can submit an event to the site to be added to the calendar. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend and you don't want to scroll through all the different websites, drop by reigncity.com and check out the happenings.

My first gig is April 26th at the Nectar. I'm shooting The Chicharones. For those of you who don't know them, the band consist of Sleep and Josh Martinez from Old Dominion. These dudes are hilarious on stage and keep the party rolling with jigs, great wordplay and raspy bellows. I highly recommend you come out and celebrate the good times.

I hate packing.

But I love traveling! This evening I fly out to NYC. I'm taking the red-eye so I arrive at 6am which will be perfect timing for a Kahlua and coffee and some NY Times. I am staying with my buddy Mike Bales in Manhattan until Monday. Then I am catching the train up to Boston. I am meeting my uncle at the train station and then headed out of the city to see some family. I then head back into the city on Tuesday and stay in the city until Friday when I fly back to good old Seattle.

The whole motivation for this trip is to take a ton of pictures and have a good ol' time. I will be making a short film/slide show of the journey so keep your eye out for that within the months to come.

If you want to stay up to date with where I'm at and what I'm doing you can follow me on Facebook.

I'm out!

Roomate Photo Shoot at the Sculpture Park.

So this last weekend I did a photo shoot for some roommates in attempt to document their bond. I think it was a great success! We went to the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. The weather was great and the scenery was amazing. I had never been there and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see some great art, views and people for the great price of FREE! Here are my favorites from the shoot but click the pictures to go to my flickr page and see the whole set.