How to Lose a Job and Gain Fans

My good friend Bob aka Dyslexic aka Bobby Tambourine got fired the other day. You know, the guy who has a show tonight at the Nectar in Fremont and made this video? Now he could have done a lot of things after getting fired, but this video below was at the top of his list before a long night of sulking. Personally I think Bob would make a kick ass marketer. Most people would stress out after getting fired and contemplate even performing yet Bob rises to the top and increases his audience turnout. Amazing. We all have something to learn from this guy. Trust me. He’s on to something and I’ll be keeping a close eye on this character and keeping you posted. I’ll be there tomorrow night. You should too. I mean, this guy is now homeless jobless and all his tweets are sent from the bus now. The show is at The Highdive in Fremont and starts at 9:30pm.

Bob sent this to the entire restaurant’s email list after he heard the news. Please share this and help prevent Bob from becoming a freeway off ramp patron.

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