Th3rdz - Rap Rap Music Video

I remember when I was like 16 and me and my buddy Andrew would head downtown every week for the local hip hop shows. Most of the places we went to are now closed but I remember the Eye Spy, The Paradox and The Noise Lab to name a few. Old Dominion was at every show.They opened up for every act that came through the town. These dudes we're like the Seattle Wu Tang Clan. Every time we'd see em' at a show they had grown in numbers. Some of my favorite spitters we're Sleep, JFK and Onry (Grayskul) and Bishop I. A lot of these guys are still making music and have had successful careers in the game. JFK hit me up after seeing the Kublakai music video I shot and asked if I'd be down to shoot one for his new group Th3rdz. To get a chance to work with rappers I looked up to over 10 years ago was awesome. I obliged.

This video was SUPER fun to shoot! We had a keg of beer and three cases of "Genessee" (which looked like Duff) to get the party started right (at 11am...). We basically clowned around, danced, put on a show, got drunk and rapped. It was awesome.

Here's what we came up with. Enjoy the show and please share it if you dig it. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow @Th3rdz on twitter to keep up to date as they'll be dropping an album in early 2012.