Behind the Scenes with Jetta Productions.

About six months ago I got a phone call. The voice said "Mike Folden, this is Walter Hodges. Are you available to assist on a shoot?" I was pretty thrown off like I'd been caught lying or something. I quickly replied "sure" and that was the beginning of something great. Jetta Productions is a Stock Photography Company headed by Walter Hodges. In addition to the team is Photographer David Atkinson aka "The Floater", Photographer Deborah Hodges aka "The Organizer" and Editor Evan Carlyle aka "Tony Touch". Since that phone call, I've assisted on several photo shoots and even had the chance to set my own stock shoot up with Walter assisting/directing me! I've learned more than I could imagine in the last six months and that continues everyday I work with these guys.

When people ask what Stock Photography is, there is no easy answer. So, here is a short behind the scenes video on what a Stock Shoot looks like. This was all shot at a shoot we had last week at Monster Metal. Larry, the owner and pyromaniac in this video was pleased to put on a little show.

Also, this whole video was shot with my new iPhone 4 which blows my mind. The video isn't the smoothest but how cool is it to have a phone that can record video at this quality? Enjoy.