I Love Instagram

It's been about a year now since I switched over to the iPhone. I absolutely love it. My favorite thing about the iPhone is the ability to take awesome photos and edit them with an endless selection of apps. I feel like we really get to capture the most amazing things these days. Amazing things have always been going on around us, but we now have the technology to capture those moments in a sharable, quality format. My favorite photo app by far is Instagram. It's easy, it's social and it works. Being a photographer, I totally appreciate the ease of taking good photos. I LOVE the Tilt Shift feature they added a while back too.  It's such an easy tool to use to add some style to your shot or make things look miniature . When I'm not shooting for work, I don't really want to deal with settings, lighting ect. I just want to take a picture and have it look good. Instagram nails this. You shoot, select a filter add some tilt shift if you want and share. It also has a great social aspect of following other users which provides awesome inspiration and keeps things simple when you just want to look at photos. Did I mention it's FREE?!?!?

I've been wanting to post this for a while but I didn't know of a simple way to get all my Instagram photos onto my computer and be able to share. After a little research, I downloaded another app in the Mac App Store (for the computer not phone) "Instadesk". This app allows you to view your friends photos along with your own and even save them to your computer. It was exactly what I was looking for!

With all this technology, I feel like we get overwhelmed with amazing photos. You see it on Facebook or Twitter and then it's all gone. The digital files end up sitting on your harddrive collecting mega-dust. I wanted to get around this. So, I recently bought an HP Photo Printer. After hours of setting up (why are printers such a pain in the ass?), I can now print from my phone to a little 4x6 photo. When friends come over for dinner, we can snap a quick picture, print it and send them home with the memory. We've also started posting a bunch of our photos on the fridge. Our next move is to make a table with a ton of our shots. Looks like we're headed back to the dusty old shoe box under the bed.

So now we can shoot from a camera that's always on us, make it look cool in under 10 seconds, share it with all of our friends online, and print a physical copy to post on the fridge. Amazing. Amazing! All from a phone!

Here are some of my favorite recent shots I've taken over the last few months. If you're using Instagram, I'd love to see your shots so please leave your user name in the comment box or start following me at "mikefolden".

 Testing out some new lighting at Glazers with Chris Wojcik.

 A well known hustler in Seattle on the daily grind.

In a shuttle with Josh Mullineaux leaving Boulder headed to the airport.

MC Dyslexic tearing the house down at the HighDive.

My good friend Jason and Shiloh tie the knot.

One of the many amazing offices I get to work in. Mt Hood.

Ground zero at the Mexico vs. Equador soccer game at Qwest Field.

My dad mowing the lawn.





Startup Weekend: Redmond

First off, you're probably asking "what is Startup Weekend?" "Startup Weekend recruits a highly motivated group of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more to a 54 hour event that builds communities, companies and projects. It is an amazing opportunity to connect with other passionate and skilled individuals, and perhaps even find a co-founder or two to transform your idea into reality." Now that we have that out of the way, I'll tell you a bit about my experience. Early last week, my buddy Donald DeSantis invited me to come out to Startup Weekend Redmond. The last time I was invited as a photographer with the responsibility of capturing the event on camera. This time I was invited to take part in the creation of something new and never done before. I ended up getting recruited by Adam Philipp, a Seattle based Lawyer with the idea of CAMBadge. "CAMBadge is a digital name tag app that runs on your phone and utilizes the front facing camera to help put names with faces." Adam was the brains behind this idea and I helped with the design of the app/website. Lisa Song helped us out with getting the website up and running and lastly, Red Foundry we're our heroes for the weekend because they got this thing up and running on our phones in two days! Here are a couple of screen shots of our app.

I had a great time, learned a lot and met some awesome/incredibly smart humans. I decided to bring along my D200 for the event even though it's low light capabilities aren't really suitable for this type of setting. Shooting at 1000 ISO created a great vintage/film look which I really ended up linking! Below are some shots of life in a Startup Weekend box.

Behind the Scenes with Jetta Productions.

About six months ago I got a phone call. The voice said "Mike Folden, this is Walter Hodges. Are you available to assist on a shoot?" I was pretty thrown off like I'd been caught lying or something. I quickly replied "sure" and that was the beginning of something great. Jetta Productions is a Stock Photography Company headed by Walter Hodges. In addition to the team is Photographer David Atkinson aka "The Floater", Photographer Deborah Hodges aka "The Organizer" and Editor Evan Carlyle aka "Tony Touch". Since that phone call, I've assisted on several photo shoots and even had the chance to set my own stock shoot up with Walter assisting/directing me! I've learned more than I could imagine in the last six months and that continues everyday I work with these guys.

When people ask what Stock Photography is, there is no easy answer. So, here is a short behind the scenes video on what a Stock Shoot looks like. This was all shot at a shoot we had last week at Monster Metal. Larry, the owner and pyromaniac in this video was pleased to put on a little show.

Also, this whole video was shot with my new iPhone 4 which blows my mind. The video isn't the smoothest but how cool is it to have a phone that can record video at this quality? Enjoy.

Startup Weekend Seattle

-Ayush Agarwal presenting the launch of Digri.net

The smell of stale pizza and socks filled the hallway as I strolled searching for the action at the Adobe campus. What does a Startup Weekend look like? Who will be there? All questions I didn't have the answers to. Then I saw it. The largest collection of nerds geniuses I had ever seen. They were connected to each other with laptops and cords resembling a little newborn still feeding from it's mother. And then I spotted my contact.

My contact being my friend Donald DeSantis, asked me to take some photos at last weekend's Startup Weekend event. "Startup Weekend is a 54 hour startup event that provides networking, resources and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch."-startupweekend.org

Basically, it's a bunch of tech gurus ranging from developers to designers who get together to come up with an idea for a company and have it rolling by Sunday. Amazing.

These guys developed iPhone apps and websites from ground zero to launch in three days. It was awesome. At 6pm on Sunday they presented their creations with live demos and all.

Here are some shots from the event.

-Donald DeSantis and Ayush being interviewed by King 5

-Part of the Digri team hard at work.

-Wide angle view of the event.

-The Digri team having a good laugh at the Raising Uncle Jesse presentation.

-Kyle Kesterson trying to get used to speaking in front of an audience.


-A look at what these animals go through.

If anyone at the event would like all the photos I edited from the event just shoot me an email though my site and I will send over a zip.