Indian Summer

My girlfriend Priya had some family in from England and Canada this past weekend. We all got together over at her mom's house and indulged in a beautifully cooked Indian meal prepared by her mom and aunt. It was a beautiful day and so great to be outside and just relaxing with family. Priya's Uncle Sat, has been a photographer for over thirty years and I absolutely love chatting with him about the old times and the new. We watched a slideshow compiled of 257 images that Sat had a story for each and every one. It was incredible to see photos from the 50's, 60's and 70's! Priya's grandfather was a great photographer for many years as well so the photos we're great and done very well. Photography runs in her family so it's daunting yet comforting at the same time when I break out my camera. They're all super supportive and it's really cool to have a skill in common with her whole family. Here are few of my favorite shots from the day.

The family shot.

Priya receiving some modeling tips from Sat and my dad trying to show off his modeling skills.

Priya's Mom Bhupi, Aunt Sonya, Aunt Naseem and Uncle Sat.

Kevin Dilbog-Rajinder May.

My beautiful life partner Priya May.

Sat pitching in his two cents. BTW, this was shot at 1600 ISO for all my photo nerds.

Kitchen secrets.