June 2009 "Photo of the Month"

anybodythere Oh technology. How you change the world and the way we view it. Not too long ago, collect calls and quarters were our tickets to communication.  After I got out of high school, things really took off in the tech world though. Cell phones developed fast and became a must have and standard for everybody young and old.

When I got my first cell phone, the only entertainment it provided was the game "Snake", which would entertain a room full of friends for hours. 7 years later and I have a phone that can find me cabs, locate happy hour based on my location, take photos and count my daily caloric intake.

Every month I select a photo that I have taken which isn't always my favorite or best photo, but one that suits the overall feel of the month. This month I decided to push the boundaries a little bit. This month's photo was taken with my phone! All the editing was done in my phone with a program called "Picsay Pro". Everyday I take at least one photo on my phone. Lately, I have been inspired by local photographer Chase Jarvis who has mastered the "iphone photo". It's a whole different type of photography. It's not about camera settings or big lights. It's all about composition and more importantly, the moment. It's just so easy to whip out your phone at any given moment and capture a situation.

Social media sites like Facebook have also helped me share my mobile phone pics with the world. When I'm out on vacation or just having some drinks with friends I can snap a photo, upload it to Facebook and all my friends can see the delicious margarita I'm sipping on.

Phones have developed such great features. I have the T Mobile G1 also known as the "Google Phone". This features a 3.2 megapixel camera! That's the same amount of megapixels my first digital camera had!

Anyways, this photo of the month was taken on Capitol hill on 11th Ave just north of Pike St. This grimey phone booth once had a line up of people waiting to drop change in it in exchange for some airtime to call home. Now, it's just an empty booth and great subject matter for a photo. A photo taken by a phone of a phone that's no longer there.

Below is a slideshow of some of my favorite mobile phone photos I have snapped over the last month or so. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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