Damned by the D3!

So as you read in my previous posts, I had the pleasure of borrowing a Nikon D3 from Jetta Productions. I got to take it home over the weekend and ended up shooting two events plus some good old cat/girlfriend test shots. I have to say, this camera is freaking awesome! It's not only this camera, most of the new cameras out there are pretty awesome. I shoot on a Nikon D200 but have been cursed by the beautiful images produced at high ISOs like 2200 on the D3. I say cursed because now I want a new camera after only a year of shooting on my D200. I usually try not to get caught up in the gear trends but being able to shoot in low light without flash is something very useful in the photography trade. Anyways, I just wanted to share a couple of shots I really liked of Priya (my girlfriend) and Bosh (our feline companion). These were both shot at 2200 ISO. They just have such an old school natural feel to them that I love. Saving starts now.

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Don't Let Chance Get Away.

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend Priya and I we're out celebrating our anniversary with a little dinner and a movie. When we left the theater we drove by the closed down Comp USA and noticed all the lights in the sign had blown out except for the P. Not only that but the P sat directly in the middle of the sign with three letters on each side of it. How cool for me to grab a shot of "P"riya under the sign right? Right. Well a couple days went by and I still didn't get out there with her for the shot. I came home late three days later to find my lovely lady cooking us up a delicious dinner. Should I interrupt this great moment and drag her out of her comfy clothes and force her in to the cold for a photo? YES!!! Let's just say she wasn't thrilled but she was game and we made it happen.

Now this shot isn't some amazing photo because the lighting or costume. In fact it only took about 10 minutes to capture. However, it is amazing because chances are this opportunity will never happen again. That means we were able to capture something once in a lifetime. We could have easily drove by the sign and said that would make a great photo and had it end there. But the fact is, we didn't let the chance get away. Neither should you! So next time you see something out of the ordinary, capture it! Even if it takes a little extra time out of your normal routine, do it! You will be glad you did. I know I am.

January Photo of the Month

Holy smokes! These last two months have been the best two months for business. I've been working 7 days a week for the last month or so putting in 10 hour days. It's been awesome and tiring at the same time. I got a bunch of new gear with my tax return and can't wait to really put it to use in the next few weeks.

This is the second month now I've been more than 10 days late on my blogging... It's my way of making you believe I'm busy...

Anyways, this month was so amazing for shooting. I had three projects with musicians to do their photos and album design. All are turning out really dope!

This photo was from the Dice photo shoot. I really wanted to post the behind the scenes video with it but I haven't had time to edit the clips yet. Oh well. The shoot went crazy well! Her project is titled "The Foundation" so we really wanted to get some cement and grime in the shoot. We got "access" to a construction site that I spotted which only the foundation had been laid. We also got access to use this wonderful garage in Phinney Ridge. We were brainstorming where to shoot if it rained and I started thinking dark grimey basements. We were strolling along 3rd Ave NW and came across some awesome grimey cement garages. We pulled over and knocked on the door to be greeted by a wonderful lady "Marie". She said "use it as much as you want just don't forget about me when your famous". How rad.

This was the biggest production I have dealt with yet. Tawnya aka Dice really put  a  lot into the shoot. It really made a huge difference in how the pictures turned out. The make up, the hair, the outfit and the energy. It was great! I really worked hard on this shoot and I think it shows.

I will be posting some more shots in the week to come along with the behind the scenes video.

Also, as I am writing this I am sending all the album design files to Copycats Media for her new project. I will be posting some links on where to hear and buy her new album very soon.

December 2009 Photo of the Month

Ok alright I know it's way passed the deadline for Photo of the Month for last month but the holidays just got too busy this year. I was actually taking a lot of photos but didn't have the time to figure out what represented December at it's true essence.

Well, Priya May is back for another December entry. This passed year was spent learning lighting techniques for portraits and figuring out how to best translate gorgeous landscapes. I spent countless hours messing with strobes, filters and Photoshop. I learned a ton and was able to showcase some of that last week at my first solo art show.

This year I want to start learning some new techniques and keep getting better at the ones I already know. A couple of months ago this guy posted on Flickr a blurb about using your camera's disadvantages to your advantage. My first thought was "this guy is a moron".  My second thought was "this guy is a genius!" His point was that the Nikon D200 (which I shoot with) has a terrible noise problem (the graininess or fuzzy look in a photo) at high ISOs. He is right. I always shoot at no higher than ISO 200 because of this. However, he recommended boosting the ISO to it's max to get an older film look to it. I tried it right after reading it and was amazed with the different look the camera processed. I loved it. It just has that old warm film feeling to it. I'm not going to start using this technique with clients right away but something tells me I will be able to add this to my bag of tricks in the future.

Moral of the story is, technology will keep evolving every minute. You can NEVER keep up with it. Rather than getting caught up with what you don't have, get caught up with what you have in your hands and play around with it. Learn it. Make mistakes. Make progress and have fun.

Here are a couple of other shots I took using this technique.

Photo info for the Photo of the Month (top of page)

Camera- Nikon D200

Lens- Tamron 17-50mm 2.8

Aperture- f/2.8

Shutter- 1/50th of a second

ISO- 3200

Edited in Aperture

Roomate Photo Shoot at the Sculpture Park.

So this last weekend I did a photo shoot for some roommates in attempt to document their bond. I think it was a great success! We went to the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. The weather was great and the scenery was amazing. I had never been there and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see some great art, views and people for the great price of FREE! Here are my favorites from the shoot but click the pictures to go to my flickr page and see the whole set.