Awkward Silence

So every Thursday except the third Thursday of the month there is live comedy at the Laughing Ladies Cafe in Shoreline. We have now attended two shows and the awkward silence keeps up coming back. First let's start with the crowd. You've got high school students who boycott the library, local homeowners meeting up with their real estate agents to talk about how much their house isn't worth, loners who just want to go to a cafe and sip coffee and not interact with anything, and then the few of us who actually came out for the comedy. I know what you're thinking. Why would any comedian want to perform in a place like this? I honestly don't know. However, it's rad entertainment and the fact that people get up in the middle of a set and walk out because they heard a few lines about sex changes makes it even better.

Barb is the host. Barb is a woman who used to be a man. Enough said.


This week featured a few comedians whom I can't remember their names but definitely got some laughs out of us. The highlight for me was when the headliner didn't get the laughs he thought he was owed, he would read an excerpt out of "Ladies Own Erotica". This was a win win. If his joke bombed, he would read something awkwardly sexual in a voice not meant to be reading the words being read. Brilliant.

ll2-26-09-15 All in all, I am writing this in hopes we can bring a few more out to these awkwardly silent comedy shows in Shoreline.

Drop me a line if you are planning on going. They also serve beer and wine for those of you who don't want the caffeine after dinner. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.