Do You Have Goals?

On Saturday, I went to the West Coast Premier of The Art of Flight. It was then, I set a new goal for myself. I want to make films like Brain Farm Cinema. Watch the video below and you'll see why.

I have a hard time with setting goals. Most of the time I set them a little too high and never end up reaching them. Other times, I set them so low, I don't feel any sense of accomplishment when they're fulfilled. It's really hard to set that perfect goal. That goal that will push you to become a better person. A more successful person and feel really good about it because you worked your ass off getting there. But in the end, you got there. You did it. You should be proud but you shouldn't stop there. You should set another goal equally as hard or even harder to keep pushing yourself to your maximum potential. It's not easy but why should it be. My friend Taylor said it best, "You gotta pay to play". Every time I'm having trouble pushing through something, I say that out loud to myself and my whole spirit changes. Work for it. Don't just take it as it comes.

A great first step in setting a goal is writing it down, so if you have one that you've been working on or want to start, drop it in the comment box below. I'd love to see where you're trying to take things!