September 2009 Photo of the Month

Shoot the Moon 2 What a great summer it was. We had 80 degree days up until the end of September. All that aside, Fall is here. It's cold at night and we have already started using the heater. Our jackets are back on the rack and my beanie is back in action.

This months photo was a hard decision. I have done a lot of shooting and got a lot of new gear this month. I guess what it came down to was none of my photos were really fitting the time of year.

Last week I started to notice how big the sun was during sunsets this time of year. This sparked a conversation about the moon. I then looked up the Harvest Moon and found out it was scheduled for October 4th, just two days away. This led to a picture in my mind of some crazy dude shooting the moon. All I had to do was find a crazy guy, a gun and a location where the moon would be nice and visible at moonrise.

Well the crazy guy is my brother David. The gun was provided by a person who will remain anonymous and the location was Magnuson Park. We headed out at sunset and walked around until we found a suitable location. I really wanted it to look like we were out in the country which would match Davids wardrobe.

This shot is actually two shots. The moon was not nearly as big as I saw it in my head so I had to shoot it with a telephoto lens and then drop it in afterward in Photoshop. I just got some gels for my flashes so this was my test run with those. I used a CTO gel which warms things up quite a bit making Dave's light look like it's coming from the moon. After we had everything set up, things went really smooth. The shoot only took about an hour which is always nice.

I am pretty sure we missed the Harvest Moon since I saw it on Saturday and it was way bigger and much more colorful. That being said, this shot still came out pretty much exactly how I envisioned it. Thanks to David and Liz for making this happen.

Speaking of Liz, I am glad you are ok. After the shoot David couldn't get out of character and kind of started to lose it. He then turned on Liz but I was able to talk him down and have him hand over the gun. Phew!

Shoot the Moon 1

Camera: Nikon D200

Lens: The moon: Nikon 55-200mm. Shooting the Moon: Sigma 10-20mm

ISO: 160

Shutter Speed: 1/80th

Aperture: f/8

Strobist Info: 2 SB 28s triggered by Skyports. 1 behind subject bare flash. The other CTO gelled camera right.

Edited in Photoshop.