Running For My Life

My dad always struggled with weight since I can remember. As I grew older, I became very active because my whole family struggles with this and I knew I had to take action at a young age. At 48 I think my dad was the biggest he'd ever been in his life and he knew it was time for a change. His health was becoming at risk and he wasn't really "living" his life. I remember him telling me he started going to the gym. He said he was just walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes but was going to keep pushing and get up to a jog. I was so proud but I had my doubts. He kept on doing it and soon enough he had worked himself up to a jog. He told me about the "Love em or Leave em" run at Greenlake and that he really wanted to run it together. We signed up and since then he's turned into a machine.

Growing up, my dad was a great father. However, we didn't really "shoot hoops" or "throw the ball around". He was extremely supportive in whatever I was into but he didn't have the energy or athletic capabilities to participate. Over the last five years, I have biked somewhere around 2,000 miles with my dad and ran somewhere around 150 miles together. My brothers have become involved and it's brought our family closer together.

I've had this idea for a film for years but it took me hearing that he was running a marathon to really put it in motion. A marathon is incredible and I commend anyone who runs one or even tries! I am not much of a runner, so I can't even fathom that long of a jaunt. However, my dad is doing it. He is 53 years old and he is going to run 26 miles. That is simply amazing to me and I'm so proud of him for doing this. He's continuing to push and raise the bar and I think that's what life's about. A friend of mine said, "Once you cross the finish line, you're reaching death". There's always something next. There's always something bigger and further and once you give up on the journey, what else is there?

I hope you enjoy this film and please share it with others. I hope this will help motivate people who need that little extra push to get moving or keep on going. Every view of this video will count as a "cheer" from the crowd, so let's bring the house down!

Dad, thanks for being such an inspiration and I'm proud of you! You're gonna do great!