Road Trip with Board Insiders

A few months ago, I was up late surfing the web and remembered a friend of mine telling me about a snowboard site to check out. That site was Once I arrived there, I was very intrigued by the direction and idea of the business. In a nutshell, Board Insiders provides reviews on snowboards. They basically live up at Stevens Pass for two months and ride a ton of next year's model boards. After they take a few runs, they do a video interview on what they thought of the ride. I think it's brilliant because you cant just go to a snowboard shop and try out a board like a pair of shoes. These guys not only tell you what they thought of the board but they tell you the technology of the board and who it suits best. It's like a for you and your dream board! There's also links to several different locations where you can purchase the board. Great idea. Since I was so inspired, I decided to send them an email. To my surprise, I actually heard back from them and we set up a meeting. With my 15 years of (amateur) snowboarding and current rampage into the video world, it seemed like a no brainer to try and work together on a project. So, Lars (founder of Board Insiders) invited me out to the WWSRA Mission Ridge Demo for two days to tell my own story while rolling with the crew. The rules were simple, there were none. He just wanted to see what happened if I came along with a camera. Well, here's what happened. This is part one of a two part documentary during my time spent with the Board Insiders crew at Mission Ridge. I had an amazing time and look forward to more projects with these guys.

Well, I'm headed up to Stevens Pass right now to get some of this epic NW powder and review some boards with these dudes. Peace!