Picture Perfect

It was about a year ago when I first met Blaine aka 5 Flat (which represents his stature). He came along on the Dice photo shoot and helped record some video. Blaine was just finishing up school at the Art Institute and ready to unleash all his passion and learning into the Seattle music scene. He had mentioned he'd like to work together in the future and it only took a few months before I was shooting photos for "Tuition: The Mixtape" a post college project by him and longtime comrade "Brown". (In case you missed that post, be sure to check it out here). He hit me up in January wanting to do a music video. At that time, I had only been doing video for about 3 weeks so I was adamant about bringing a little more experience into the mix. This is where Chris (no website) Wojcik came in. We all got together at Stanfords over some beers and starting brainstorming. After a couple more meetings we got to work, which first involved beating down Blaine's door at 11am until he stumbled to greet us in a complete haze. That first hour was a recap of what happened the night before and an endless search for keys and a phone. After a quick remodel of his apartment, we got shooting.

Chris was the main man behind this project. I shot about a third of it and mainly just stepped back and "produced" which meant keeping my eyes open and making sure things were looking good and on track. Chris did the edit and color correction as well. Again, he was the dude on this one. I just helped.

We had a good ass time shooting this video. I really look forward to the next project with him.

Currently, 5 Flat is working on his solo project along with a group project "Nu Era" which just opened up for K-OS at The Crocodile (read the show review here).

I present, "Picture Perfect" by 5 Flat.

Also, here are a few pics I snapped that we used in the video.