Photo Shoot: OL' Small

I had the pleasure of working with OL' Small last week for his up coming EP release titled "Party Talk". He will be releasing this five song EP online for free download at As of now, you can go to that page and check out a mashup of the whole album which is gives you a taste of each song in about three minutes. I was really excited for this project because he was really open to my ideas which I think came out great! I really wanted to say party without shooting at a party. I wanted to make him represent the whole party himself. The title "Party Talk" I thought could be conveyed with a megaphone, a bottle of beer and OL' Small getting his yell on. I think we nailed it. I'm sure my neighbors we're a little wary of what was going on in the garage when we were shooting this one. I had to actually have him yell to make it look real. Just another afternoon shoot with Mike Folden! Oh, and the beer box? A while back while on a road trip with my lady friend, we were packing things up and getting ready to get on the road when she decided to put the beer box on her head. I then realized there was one shot of Jagermeister left and thought it would make an epic photo if she took the shot with the beer box on her head. She did. It was history. I thought it would be a great way to keep the "Party" theme going with OL' Small's without being so cliche. I also thought it was kind of goofy and might turn heads for it's weirdness. What do you think?

In other news, I won't have to worry about neighbors anymore because I'm moving into a studio space in Belltown! Yes! More on this will be coming soon. I want to do a virtual tour of the space and our move in. I can't wait for this!

Here are the shots we did for the album. Each shot had a theme matching the song title. I will be posting all the graphics closer to the EP release so stay tuned.