On Set with Ripynt and Griff J

The other day my buddy Griff J (photographer/film maker) asked me to help out with a scene in his latest project with Ripynt. Griff has been shooting a music video for Ripynt's song "Take it to the Top" off of his latest album "Re-Inventing Poetics." My part was to stand in as a photographer taking some snaps of Rip while he spits the line "and pose for some photos". Since I was there with all my gear set up, I figured I may as well snap away.

We had a good time and it was cool to be with these dudes for the last scene needed for the project. I could definitely feel some relief and relaxation after "that's a wrap" was said by Griff. The video is rumored to be debuted at a show on November 12th in which Ripynt is opening up for for Keith Murray at Haley's in Everett Wa. As soon as it's released I will post it up on this here blog.

For now, here are some of my favorite snaps from the shoot.