On Second Thought Volume 1 Teaser Video

I've been working with Ripynt for a long time now. We used to rock shows together back in the day, and while I've switched my creative outlet to photography, he's kept his strong in the music game. In simple terms, Ripynt is a rapper and a good one at that. He can spit fast, ride the beat well and still manage to deliver worthy content. His last album "Re-Inventing Poetics" got some great reviews from the town and the series of projects he's getting ready to release should follow suit. The first of the three releases, will be "On Second Thought Volume 1". This will feature a few unreleased tracks as well as a few new ones. Ripynt and I got together to brainstorm ideas to help promote these projects and the video below is the result. This is the first of three teasers we will be releasing for his upcoming projects.

Please enjoy and be sure to check his website www.ripynt.com on March 28th, to download the album FOR FREE! Also, we need to spread the word and get this video to reach as many people as possible, so please share it on your facebook/twitter and help us get some traffic! Muchos gracias amigos.