October 2009 Photo of the Month

Dead-Muppet-Web Happy belated Halloween! I know I'm a little late this month but it's better late than never.

Once again, Halloween was only days away and we had no plans. What to wear? How can we not be cliche? Endless google searches for costumes and ideas. And then the little "pop" on facebook. It was my friend Kyle Kesterson checking in on my Halloween plans. Since they didn't exist, he proposed we add to his plans. He was planning on going as Jim Henson. Can you guess where we came in? Yeah, I guess the picture gives it away. Things started rolling that night and it was set. We were going to be the "Dead Muppets".

Since Kyle possesses the art skills he took on the creative direction. He painted up my Kermit mask and made Kermit a zombie.  With the Dominos $5.55 pizza deal and some Henry Wienhards in the fridge we got ready. It took us a few hours with all the make up and latex applications.

Of course a photo shoot was necessary.

We hit up the Atlantic Crossing for a drink before we headed down to the SODO for a Dubstep party. This party was pretty cool. Dancing, loud music, crazy costumes and one bathroom with a really long line. Ok, so the bathroom situation wasn't cool but we still had a good time. We danced until our hips needed glucosamine (2 hours) and went home.

Camera: Nikon D200

Lens: The moon: Tamron 17-50 2.8

ISO: 100

Shutter Speed: 1/200

Aperture: f/8

Strobist Info: 2 SB 28s triggered by Skyports. 1 high camera left and the other high camera forward right.

Heavily edited in Photoshop.

Here are a few more head shots from the night as well.

Dead Muppets 2Dead Muppets 3Dead Muppets 4