New Website Coming Soon...

About one year ago this website poked it's little head out and came alive. It's mother, Donald DeSantis, nursed it with love until it was able to walk on it's own two feet into cyberspace. When I first started Joe Photo & Design as my business, I was pretty involved in the music scene. Back in those days I went by "Joseph Average". Joseph was my alter ego. He was the fun creative side of Mike. Now don't get me wrong, Mike can be fun and creative but Joseph was the name I took on while in creative mode. When I decided to start doing photography and design work, it only made sense to use the name that my future clientele knew me as.

Musicians were primarily the folks I worked with. They needed photos for albums and promotional material. They needed flyers for shows and websites. Most of these musicians didn't even know my real name. Knowing all of this, I chose to go with Joe Photo & Design instead of Mike Folden blahdidy blah.

One year later, and I have grown so much and gained a whole new type of clientele. I still work with musicians a lot but I also work with families, restaurants, small businesses and young professionals. It only makes sense to me to give the man behind all the hard work some credit ( throat...)

All that said, I have chose to start using my real name as my business. will be launching within the next two weeks and I can't wait. It's built on a really easy content management system which allows me to update my portfolio as needed and provide high quality slideshows of my work.

Once again, Donald is making this thing look really pretty and we are about half way there. By the way, if you are looking for an awesome web designer he's your guy.

So what does the change mean to you? Just a different website address (the old site will send you to the new site so don't worry) and a less stressful conversation when you're telling your friends about your good friend Mike Folden who is a photographer but goes by Joe Photo but his real name is Mike and Joe comes from.... you get the picture.

If you subscribe to my blog via email don't worry. Nothing changes. You will just start getting the new versions automatically.

Thanks so much for all the support and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new look!