My Friend the Whiskey Guy

Last fall, I decided it was time to stop shooting portraits in my cold ass garage. It was time to take my business to the next level and move into a studio. I had no clue where, with who, or how much I could afford. All I knew was, the time had come. My phone alerts me I have dinner plans with a friend and she's bringing a date. My girlfriend and I have never met this fellow but we shall tonight. We all meet up at Araya's at 6pm for some delicious Thai cuisine. This fellow is stuck in traffic so it's just the three of us catching up awaiting his arrival. Once he shows up, it doesn't take long to figure out the similarities between us. We're both photographers with a lot to say. The dinner conversation was sort of split in two and before we knew it, we we're chatting about checking out studios together. That was the birth of Studio ONE and that was six months ago.

Since then,  Ari and I became friends. We worked together on some projects. We threw two awesome launch parties. We helped critique each others work and most importantly, we enjoyed some fine whiskeys. It has been an amazing six months and I can't believe how much has happened.

Ari is a photographer. He's a speaker. He's a guy who knows a lot about whiskey (he hosts events, hire him here). He's also had an amazing opportunity to work on the East Coast for the next six months shooting for Blackberry. So everybody raise a glass (or fake it if you're sitting in an office while reading this) and let's cheers The Whiskey Guy to a prosperous journey! Cheers!

He needed to update his look for his Whiskey Guy business so he asked me to take a couple of portraits. I love the way these turned out!