My Blog Got Botox!

Thanks to my wonderful web-designer Donald DeSantis, my blog has a new look! It took a few nights with beer and a few mornings with coffee but we made it. Here's what we changed:

1. The blog now sits in my portfolio website It no longer redirects you to a new page.

2. You can now subscribe to my blog via email. Just click the envelope at the top of the page and voila! You now will get an email when I post a new article.

3. There are three additional icons at the top of the page.  The RSS icon subscribes you to the blog via RSS, the Flickr icon takes you to my online photo gallery at and the Facebook icon takes you to my Facebook profile.

4. We removed the sidebar.

5. We added links to blogs I like to read at the bottom of the page. Check them out!

6. We changed the size of the page allowing me to post larger picture slide-shows and videos.

7. Lastly, we slimmed down the comment box so feel free to leave one and let me know what you think of the changes.

Whether you like the new look or not, please leave a comment and let me know. The blog is for you so I want to hear your thoughts.

I can't leave you without a photo and this one represented Saturday pretty well. A little color surrounded by a whole lot of gray.