Mix A Lot Has the Answers!

This last month has been pretty crazy. My good friends at Giant Thinkwell have been working around the clock on this game with the legendary rap star, Sir Mix A Lot.

"Mix-N-Match with Sir Mix-A-Lot is Giant Thinkwell’s hilarious new Facebook game where players answer quick-hit questions about Sir Mix-A-Lot: Is he more likely to buy a Snuggie or a Shamwow? Is he more afraid of STDs or PMS? Would he pick the King of Pop over the King of Beers? Players also ask Facebook friends similar questions along the way in a bid for exclusive prizes like a chance to roll with Sir Mix-A-Lot in a Lamborghini down Broadway in Seattle or win a personalized video greeting from the hip hop legend. To play, visit www.mixnmatchgame.com." - Giant Thinkwell

Over the last couple of months, I've had the pleasure of having Mix in my studio for a photo shoot (behind the scenes video coming soon), as well as hanging at his new crib to shoot a ton of video. Today is the day Giant Thinkwell debuted the game Mix N Match! So far they've been all over the media with people like Adam Ostro, Bossip, Alex Pardee, Geek Wire and Tech Crunch spreading the word all over!

This is probably the best thing I've done so far in my video career. The timelines were tight and most of the planning took place in the back of Adam Tratts Hybrid SUV. I'm so stoked to be able to help these guys launch this awesome product! Go to www.mixalotgame.com to play the game and please spread the word!