July 2009 "Photo of the Month"

Donald_1_web What a great summer we have had so far. With great weather comes great biking.

On July 14th and 15th I completed the Seattle to Portland bike ride with my Dad and my buddy Donald. I had a lot of challenges thrown at me that weekend but at 6:30pm my sopping wet wheels rolled over the finish line in Portland.

I love biking. Whether it's on the road or on single-track, I just love it. There's something about it that just thrills me. It's the laughs you share with friends and family while riding. It's the views you wouldn't see gazing out a car window. It's the smells of Subway bread and Donuts that tempt you to stop in for a treat while cruising through a small town. I think the adrenaline of racing down a tight rooted trail on a 35lb bike or almost hitting 50mph on some 2 lane highway out in the middle of nowhere is a plus as well. All in all, I love biking.

This month I really wanted to express my love for the two wheeled machine so I chose to photograph my good friend Donald DeSantis. Donald is a coffee drinking, bike thrashing, creative thinking web professional. He designed this very website you are on right now. We have been biking together for about 6 years now and boy do we have some stories to tell!

This shot was taken on Perkins St off of 15th ave NE in Shoreline. It's a 1.5 mile twisty two lane road that winds down to Lake Forest Park. It's a very fun bike route to get to the Burke Gilman Trail from my house.

This shot was taken at about 7pm with little sunlight shining through the heavy tree coverage. I used one SB 28 to stop the action which was placed camera right angled upward. We took about 40 shots in 45 min. Donald got some good warm up before our ride after the shoot.

After messing around with the settings I decided I wanted to get as much distortion from a wide angle as possible. I really wish I had a fish-eye lens for this shot. We took about 5 shots from this angle and voila!

Photo Info

Lens- 18-55mm

Aperture- f/5.6

ISO- 100

Shutter Speed- 1/40 of a second

Flash- SB 28 triggered by Skyports

Edited with Photoshop CS3.

Shot with a Nikon D40x.