Journey to the San Juans Pt. 1

Well, as most of you know, Priya and I ventured out to the San Juans a couple of weeks ago for our 4 year anniversary. I am trying desperately to stay ahead on photos so I wanted to make sure I get all my landscape shots out before we head to Birch Bay this weekend. I will be posting some shots of us at some cool spots next week but for now here are some shots from our trip. I will hope to have these up in my online print shop by next week in case anyone wants to order some up. Have a great weekend! Oh and one last thing, I just added a little "Share this" button which appears at the end of my posts. It makes it super easy to share my blog posts to your favorite social networking sites! Enjoy!

The beach at the Anacortes ferry terminal.

A grassy knoll looking out towards the water at the Anacortes ferry terminal.

A rocky beach on Cattle Point we stumbled upon looking for the lighthouse.

English Camp.

English Cemetery.

False Bay.

Another shot taken out at Cattle Point at the South end of the island.

The private beach at the house we stayed at.

Another shot from the beach at the house.

A little off the path lookout from Jackles Lagoon.

Lighthouse at Lime Kiln Park on the west side of the island.