Journey to the Coast

This past weekend my friend Daniel and I headed out to the coast of Washington for some shooting and catching up. Our plan was simple, drive west and shoot. We stopped first in Port Angeles for a bite to eat. To our surprise we were greeted with Twilight propaganda everywhere. My friend Mike Bales would have been ecstatic. Apparently the teen novel takes place in Forks which is pretty close to Port Angeles which has turned this whole area into a teenie bopper tourist attraction.

Before stepping into my car to get back on the road we saw a rally up the street. We investigated and it was a large rally opposing Obama's health care plans. I would just say these guys were a bit over the top.


On the road again. We didn't know where we were going to camp so we just drove and figured it would work out. We first went to Rialto beach and checked out the Mora camp ground which sucked. Since it sucked, we drove on down to Klaloch but not without interference from the "Twihards" in Forks. Wow.

We arrived at Klaloch camp ground and grabbed our first look at the beach. This was it. This camp was right up on the beach and looked like a good place to drink cheap cerveza and practice our ancient ancestors daily routines. Oh yeah, and take some photos.

We ran into some beach folk who had a nice little fire going and some beers of choice. We drank, laughed and lit off fireworks. The fireworks were fun until "Vaugh" one of the folks dogs, was startled by the noise and led to a 2 hour search party on the beach in the dark.

9-13-09 The Coast 2

The next day we awoke, had some breakfast, packed up and got back on the road. Our first stop was "The Big Cedar".

9-13-09 The Coast 3

Our next stop was the "Hoh Rain Forest". This place was beautiful! Seattle gets 32in of rain per year and this forest gets 142! Everything was green and thriving. I didn't really get any great snaps here but I did get this portrait of Daniel by this gorgeous silty river.

9-13-09 The Coast 1

Next up, La Push. La Push was beautiful but sort of depressing. The area is really poverty stricken and the color are gray.

9-13-09 The Coast 4

After leaving La Push we were driving by Lake Crescent and noticed the sun was setting. We decided to hop out and snap a few shots.

9-13-09 The Coast 5

We caught the ferry back to Edmonds and our journey was over. Next time, I will allow a lot more time and bring some garlic to fight off the vampires.