So I've been working on this little client appreciation campaign for sometime, and it's finally come to fruition. On Tuesday, Chris and I headed down to Angry Squid Ink to shoot the making of my "I Got Shot" shirts. It was a super fun experience. We got to see how it all goes down and more importantly we got to meet the cool folks who run the shop. I couldn't be happier with how this video turned out. When you run your own business, it's always a battle with how to get new clients. One way to get the business is to be cheaper than the next guy. This isn't all that appealing to me because once you run down that road, you're known for the guy who is cheaper than the next guy. The tricky part is, who is this "next guy" and how cheap is he? Do you have to always beat the price? Not necessarily, but you can see how this foundation can be a bit rocky and a constant battle of "how much?".

Another way to get more business is to increase value. Don't knock the price down for the same product, give something a little extra. In my case, I definitely didn't want to give more photos because then it's basically the same as a discount. I felt like I could approach it from a totally different angle and reinforce my client relationships a whole new way. I remember when I was a kid, going to the doctors office and always looking forward to the little lollipop I got after the visit. These guys are brilliant! I forgot about the shot as soon as I tasted the sweet sugar! So for me, I felt like I could kill a few birds with one shirt.

If you are a musician, artist, business or just somebody wanting to make some shirts, please get in touch with Bryan at Angry Squid Ink, 206-762-8461 | www.angrysquidink.com

Let's shoot.