Greetings Goes Live!

Since my whole introduction to video about four months ago, my world has been flipped upside down. I had no idea how many more stories I was going to be able to tell with my new camera. Over the years, I have figured out that I'm a storyteller. Whether that's over some beers, a song or through a photograph. I simply like to tell stories. Sometimes, it's really difficult to get a client to get away from that brick wall and put more thought into the images we're creating. In fact, it's hard for me to do the same thing. However, I know when we put the effort into the pre-production and really figure out our message, the image is so much more powerful.  With video, you have to tell a story! You can't get away with just standing in front of a brick wall like you can in a photograph (or at least no one will watch it). I feel like this is why my move into the motion world has been so smooth. Not only do I get to tell stories but I get to put music behind them to create even more emotion! It's truly an amazing thing. Ok, so you're wondering what does that all mean? Well, I have been working on this project called "Greetings" for over a year now. The first "person you should know" happened to be my cousin "Queen B Quilts". The second was my good friend and tattoo artist Bryan Kachel. Greetings was a text based interview article posted on my blog. Then I had a thought (yes it was painful); what if Greetings turned into short films? Then I thought about it a lot. The more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea. So, here I am now sharing the first of many to come. I am working on two others right now which I hope to release in the coming months.

Greetings will be released as I have time. I don't want to put a time stamp on these things such as releasing them every month or so. I want them to happen somewhat organically. I don't want the stories to be stressed by time lines. That's what my paid work is for. I want this to be really quality and inspiring.

I truly hope you guys enjoy this and please let me know what you think. As always, it's really important for me to know what you think. Feedback is very much appreciated!

Normally, I would just embed the video here on the blog but my buddy Scott and I have been working our asses off getting the Greetings page to look perfect so I'm  hoping you'll take this exhausting extra step and click here to view the video.