Greetings: Bryan Kachel

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This installment of "Greetings" features a great friend and amazing artist. His name is Bryan Kachel. In short, I met Bryan on Craigslist. Since that sounds weird, let me expand on that. In the past, when business was slow, I've been known to peruse Craigslist in search of work. I stumbled upon a post from a tattoo artist looking to "trade" with a photographer. I had been looking for a tattoo artist for a couple of years so this was a great opportunity for me. Bryan and his wife Mary were expecting a little baby girl and looking for a photographer to help document her childhood. We were a match made in heaven on Craigslist. Bryan and I have become great friends over the past year or so and I'm extremely grateful for that. From the delicious dinners Mary has created, to the unbelievable stories Bryan has told over dessert, my life would be missing a big piece not knowing these two. Bryan is my friend first, and my tattoo artist second.

Without further ramblings, Greetings: Bryan Kachel.

What first inspired you to start tattooing? "I used to hang out a coffee shop with a bunch of bikers. I was known as the shy art kid. It didn't take long before I was coerced into designing tattoos for the patrons at the shop." Bryan then decided to seek out an apprenticeship while working as a maintenance man at a downtown Seattle apartment building. (Be sure to ask him to tell you the story about the naked knife fight...) He had an opportunity to become the "shop boy" at Emerald City Tattoo which is where his career began.

Do you have a certain style you are known for? "I love large scale Japanese body art.  I also find a connection to nature so tattoos such as birds and flowers are also high on my list. Recently, I've really started enjoying tattooing portraits due to their simplicity. Portraits contain subtle variations and shade that all form together one beautiful piece."

Is there a certain artist or artists that have inspired you? "It's so hard to narrow it down but I would say my top five would be Seth Wood, Stuart Robson, Grime, Jacob Redmond & Eckel."

What’s your favorite part about tattooing? "It always amazes me how quickly a friendship can be established while tattooing. You really get to know the person you're tattooing, which is awesome.  I also have this love/hate relationship with cover ups. I love them because I’m able to turn an embarrassment into something they’re proud of. On the flip-side, cover ups can be a huge creative block because you’re limited to what you can do with what’s already been done."

How has art changed/influenced your life? "Art owns my life in a lot of ways. I dream it, live it and see it everyday. Good or bad I’m in it for the long haul. In my spare time, I'm always trying to better my skills by sketching, painting and wood work. Art is the path towards expression.”

How can Bryan be of use to you? If you don’t know by now, Bryan is a tattoo artist who can who can fulfill your tattoo destiny. He’s always up for working with your existing ideas, or helping you create a new one. He can be reached at Cicada Tattoo Fridays-Mondays from noon-8pm. Give him a call to set up a consultation! 206-327-9309. To check out Bryan's portfolio, go to

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Question: In what year, did New York City lift it's ban on tattooing?