Fight Gone Bad

Fight Gone Bad is an international fundraiser where Crossfit members from all over the world get together and give their best shot at a gnarly workout sculpted for UFC legend BJ Penn. Each member pays a fee to do the work out and all the proceeds go to a handfull of charities. The work out is insane. It's three five minute rounds with one minute rest in between. The workout consists of Wall-ball, Sumo deadlift high-pull, Box jump, Push-press and Row. You spend 1 minute at each station, rotating through until you've completed all five stations. After you've finished all five stations, you rest for 1 minute. Then you repeat two more times for a total of 3 rounds. Yikes.

I just started Crossfit myself about two weeks ago and have to say it's quite awesome. The workouts are super tough but the competition factor really helps you push through the struggle. If you're interested in the sport you should check out NW Crossfit where they offer the first class for free.

I'm always looking to build business so I reached out to the owner Jake Platt and he was very interested in working together. In fact, we met Friday and he needed me to hit this event on Saturday! Luckily I had about two hours open in my schedule to head out to the event and record some of the action.

Here are some photos I snapped from the day as well as a quick video breaking down what Fight Gone Bad is all about and some good ol slow motion.