February 2010 Photo of the Month

I'm finally posting my Photo of the Month on time! This month has been really eye opening. I've figured out that the busier I am, the better work I turn out and the more motivation I retain. I had a couple of slow days this last month and really had a hard time staying motivated to do any work. I've decided to make my schedule as full as possible and keep shooting whether I'm getting paid or not. I just need to keep shooting and getting better.

A couple of months ago I ran a contest on Facebook which offered a free photo shoot to the first 5 people who responded to my post. The contest was over quick and I found myself with 5 people who needed to find a slot in my schedule. Well I'm finally getting around to taking care of these shoots. A couple of weeks ago one of the winners (and good friend), Nick Thompson came over to my house and we set out for some creative shooting. We took a trip down to Goodwill and picked up an old typewriter and then got some old rope from my dad's house. We decided to do an office type shot and a hostage style shot. This was obviously the latter.

We dirtied up Nicks t shirt and wrapped him up with rope. Once I got the light just how I wanted it, I threw on a blind fold and duck taped his grill so he couldn't mouth off while I was shooting.

We had a really good time and all 10 hours of work that I have put into it were free of charge. Fact is, this is probably one of my favorite shots I have ever taken. If I let the money come between me and getting this shot, I would have never gotten this shot. This has sparked a lot of new motivations to start shooting things for free that I want to get paid for in the future.

Thanks to Nick for being such a good sport with the shoot!

Do you guys like it when I post camera info on how I shot it? I am trying to cater this blog to you so let me know.

Also, I recently started "tweeting" so if you're looking for more people to stalk you can follow me on twitter here.

Until next time,

- Mike