February 2009 "Photo of the Month"


Sometimes I get so caught up in finding the coolest places to photograph. I find myself not even getting out sometimes because I can't think of something super original or never before seen. I forget that sometimes, it's what's in our own backyard that is beautiful in it's own way.

This last weekend I made myself get up early and take a walk with my camera. I went to the U-District and Ballard and just snapped away. However, the first thing I photographed was our mailboxes as I headed out my apartment front door.

After scrolling through all my images this one just stuck out. It was something I see everyday. I never noticed how much character it had until I saw it in a different light. The rusty locks, the hand drawn apartment numbers written in magic marker, the rusty ghost of where the outbox used to be. The color is cold. The contents inside consist of bills and junk mail. No one wants to open these boxes. This is why Priya has the mail key.

Lens Used: Nikon 18-55mm Aperture: f/4.5 Shutter Speed: 1/400 ISO: 400 Edited in Apple Aperture.