Use Evernote to Organize Your Music Video Shoot

I've been using Evenote for a few months now and really love it. I have the app on my iphone, my ipad and my computer. Whatever device I choose to take notes on, all devices sync up to the same account (flawlessly and quickly I might add) so I always have the latest updates on a project. This works really well since most of the time I do the bulk of script writing, organizing and logging on the computer and then just reference from my phone or ipad in the field.

Recently, I've been working on several music videos. They take quite a bit of planning and a whole lot of organizing. I recently discovered I can attach an audio file to a note! This is huge! Now, I can have all my notes along with the song they're pertaining to in one app on all devices. If someone spaces and forgets the ipod on the day of the shoot, I have the song in Evernote and can play from there. If I'm on the road and want to work on notes or creative vision, I can pull up the song, play it and take notes. This is AMAZING to me! This seems like it would work really well for musicians as well. They could have an instrumental attached to a note where they're writing the song and always have access to their lyrics and track. You're never without the material you need.

A big part of keeping on task during a music video shoot is having your shot list/script. Sometimes you forget to print it out and sometimes you work your ass off and the script in your back pocket gets soggy. This doesn't happen with Evernote. You don't need a pen to change or add things to the script. It's all there. You can also have your assistant be looking over the script on the ipad to make sure things are staying on track. If they add something to the list, Evernote syncs automatically and you'll both be on the same page.

Going through your inbox to find out what you last talked about can be a hassle. This is solved by copying the email and pasting into Evernote. So instead of looking for old email threads, you have all important emails saved in one place. Again, it's so important to stay organized!

A lot of times clients send me videos via youtube that they like and want to try and emulate. Yep, you guessed it! Copy those links into Evernote and keep an organized list of videos that you can always refer too.

Lastly, I love using Evernote for scouting. When I go to a location prior to the shoot, I just snap some photos with my iphone and save them to the music video note in Evernote. When you open up that note, you have access to the song, the script, links, email conversations and photos of the locations you're going to shoot at! It's like having a big filing bin in your pocket at all times!

Best of all, Evernote is FREE! You can pay for the premium service but so far I've run into no issues with the free service and I use it all the time.

Do you use Evernote? How do you use it? Any tips? I'd love to hear them!