East Coast Wrap Up

faves-collage It's good to be home! To the left is a collection of some of my  favorite shots I took while on the East Coast. Click the image to go to my Flickr page and check out all the photos I took on my trip.

My journey began on Thursday the 26th. Priya and I spent the whole day in Ballard and had a blast! I will be posting pics from that adventure soon...

I arrived at Seatac around 8:30pm, which was more than enough time to hit the bar for a couple of beers. At the bar, I met this guy Jason who's flight was delayed headed into Colorado due to a snowstorm. We shared some laughs and beers and had a great time. I always love the airport bar chats.

I boarded my flight and couldn't sleep a wink. I got into New York at 6am. I took the Air-train to Jamaica station to meet my buddy Mike Bales. From there we headed to Manhattan where he lives. Everything was miniature in his apartment! The toilet, the stove, the fridge and strangely enough even the coffee maker.

Highlights in NYC were, Kahlua and coffee, closing the bars down at 4am, the booze cruise on the Hudson River and being about a stone's throw from the Statue of Liberty, burning my mouth and relationships at Delicias Pizza, Virgin Records close out which now we know why they're closed, Battery Park, Robot Flanders and the Positive Brothers.

Boston bound. I boarded my train to Boston on Monday March 30th. It was such a delight to have leg room and the ability to sprawl out. First order of business while crossing the state line? Boston Lager!

Anyways, I got into Boston around 5pm and got picked up by my Uncle (really 2nd cousin or something but it's easier to say uncle) Bill. We headed out to my Aunt Phyllis' house about an hour and twenty minutes from the city. We had a bunch of food, caught up, took a picture and headed back to Bills. Bill had a great house with a MASSAGE CHAIR! I spent about 45 minutes in that thing that night and another 20 minutes the next morning. Incredible! Bill then drove me to my hotel in Boston and from there I was a city slicker.

I started the day off with one mission on my mind; chowder and a Boston Lager. I found it at Beantown Pub by the Boston Common. It was great! Cool place and great prices.

I walked the whole city in almost a day. The subway was awesome and it was super easy to get around. I spent a good amount of time in Cambridge across the river and really like the little college town.

Highlights from Boston were, Beantown Pub, Cambridge, The T, getting drunk with people I didn't know..., long walks, Underground Hip Hop Store's in store performance by Quite Nyce and Radar Ellis, the Boston Common, Back Bay, The Prudential Center, Walks around Harvard, shooting photos at night, the gorgeous weather and the Holiday Inn's free breakfast.

I will be making a short film from the trip in the near future. I brought along a video camera and captured a lot of good times on film. Thanks for reading and don't forget, you can subscribe to my blog via email at the top of the page, so every time I post something new you will get it via email.

Cheers, (wasn't impressed by Cheers at all by the way)