Don't Let Chance Get Away.

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend Priya and I we're out celebrating our anniversary with a little dinner and a movie. When we left the theater we drove by the closed down Comp USA and noticed all the lights in the sign had blown out except for the P. Not only that but the P sat directly in the middle of the sign with three letters on each side of it. How cool for me to grab a shot of "P"riya under the sign right? Right. Well a couple days went by and I still didn't get out there with her for the shot. I came home late three days later to find my lovely lady cooking us up a delicious dinner. Should I interrupt this great moment and drag her out of her comfy clothes and force her in to the cold for a photo? YES!!! Let's just say she wasn't thrilled but she was game and we made it happen.

Now this shot isn't some amazing photo because the lighting or costume. In fact it only took about 10 minutes to capture. However, it is amazing because chances are this opportunity will never happen again. That means we were able to capture something once in a lifetime. We could have easily drove by the sign and said that would make a great photo and had it end there. But the fact is, we didn't let the chance get away. Neither should you! So next time you see something out of the ordinary, capture it! Even if it takes a little extra time out of your normal routine, do it! You will be glad you did. I know I am.