Chase Jarvis Live with Mix A Lot

Today was a big day. I had a backstage pass to Chase Jarvis Live featuring Sir Mix A Lot. Two Seattle legends in the same room comparing music and photography. It was awesome. The crazy thing is, how it all got started. In preparation to launching "Mix N Match", Giant Thinkwell thought it would be a good idea to do video shot outs to several different big names in the tech/celebrity world. While we were taking a break thinking about the next move, I thought, "Chase Jarvis would eat this up!" Adam and Kyle we're totally game. I gave Mix some material about Chase and Mix went to town. Watch the video here.

So in good spirits, Chase responded with an invite to a live broadcast where he'd interview Mix along with a photo shoot for Mix's upcoming album cover. What a great response. The interview went great. Chase Jarvis Live viewers loved it. It was awesome to see this all come together full circle.

I've been following Chase for about 4 years now and he's been a HUGE source of inspiration. I've bumped into him a few times but this was pretty cool to be up close and personal and really see how he works. Also, it was great to meet his amazing team. You can feel the hard work in the studio. It was a really cool vibe. I feel another step closer to something I'm trying to achieve. I don't know what that is, but I feel like today definitely got me closer to it.

Thanks to Giant Thinkwell for bringing me in on this project and big thanks to Chase for allowing me to hang around today.

Here are a few shots I took while spectating.


Chase getting ready to go live while Mix snags a quick iphone snap.

Kyle making sure the Squid is all set for a "shameless promotion".

You guessed it.

Chase and Mix getting set to shoot.

Chase and Mix checking out the shots for Mix's next album cover.